2018 Logs

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Fight Like An Egyptian (ArseneLupin, ??)

Agents get a bit more than they bargained for when they have to go into a pyramid and play Ancient Egyptian Dodgeball
XP Granted: 1 EP to all

Welcome to The Inner Circle (Aphex_, 10th Aug.)

Stephen, Wren, Ruben, and Joshua go out clubbing to gather intel on an MC&D operation in Miami. Ruben blows up some cameras. Wren angers a mad dog. Joshua smokes a dubious cigarette. Stephen takes one for the team.
EP/XP Granted: 1 EP to all

The Ring In Return (Taffeta, 14th & 17th Aug.)

The team gears up to investigate a Prometheus Labs holding facility for information related to the incident on the Unbowed. It doesn't go well. Hadley negotiates. Clark'll shoot your eye out. Ruben pisses his pants. Aveah tries to be comforting.
EP/XP Granted: 1 EP to Hadley/Clark/Aveah, 2 EP to Ruben


The Silent Massacre (Veiedhimaedhr, 8th Sept.)

Nathan, Avery, and Jakob take a trip to Britain on word that an entire town has disappeared. Together, they learn that life can be pretty B/W sometimes. Jakob enjoys some classical music. Avery makes a friend. Nathan rides a train. Say cheese kiddos!
EP/XP Granted: 1 EP to all



The Unexplainable (Kaeru, 1st Nov.)

At a research lab in western Maine, Stephen and Nicole speak to a nervous and fidgety researcher injured in a strange incident while Maddy and Joshua investigate the site of the incident itself. Stephen mediates. Joshua gets frustrated with a god (twice). Maddy questions existence of time. Nicole squares the fuck up.
EP/XP Granted: 1EP to Stephen/Nicole/Maddy, 2EP to Joshua

Blackout (Kaeru, 24th Nov.)

A substation in western Maine has become home to a strange and only vaguely humanoid creature attracted to it after nightfall. Joshua, Clark, Ezekiel, Stephen, and Maddy fight in an unlikely turn of events to defend this creature against an additional threat in the form of an unidentified man with control over electricity. When things go, as you say, "tits up," Joshua decides to play his trump card.
EP/XP Granted: 2EP to all


Sunrise (Kaeru, 29th Dec.)

A whole big team heads out to rescue some missing agents and investigate a big anomalous spike that hasn't gone away yet. They learn a lot, and rumor has it they came back with three weird dogs.
EP/XP Granted: 1EP to all, +1EP to Avery and Bastian, +0.5EP to Bud and Nathan

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