Welcome to Horizons!


This site is extremely, extremely dead and gone and has been for years. I'm only updating this well after the fact because there are still people under the impression that this site/game is still ongoing. It is not.

However, here you'll find a treasure trove of inspiration, works by some of the best players and writers I've had the honor of having in my life. I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime here and I hope one day someone else will pick up the mantle for what this game was and can be. (But please for the love of god don't use our mechanical system it's bad, don't do it, you'll regret it)

While you may use this site for inspiration and for ideas, please credit any and all work that you find here to the users who made this site what it was. Without them there wouldn't be anything here for you to take inspiration from.

Good night Origins/Horizons and thank you for all the fish

-CynForSin (Formerly, DiePotato)


Horizons is an IRC roleplay about the SCP Foundation's efforts to keep control and maintain secrecy in an increasingly complicated world.
The Foundation is recruiting whoever can and will get the job done, and accepts no substitutes.


Site-15 is one of the Foundation’s most secure sites, and one of, if not its most advanced. Located underneath the Nevada desert and built in 1954, Site 15 boasts robust labs, secure containment, and miles of empty desert. There are 4 task forces that run joint operations at Site-15, Delta-4 ‘Blue Genes’, Epsilon-9 ‘Tooltime’, Omega-5 ‘Classical Education’, and Psi-7, ‘Home Improvement’.

Join Up!

So you wanna join? Cool. First, stop by #origins-ooc on SynIRC. That's our out-of-character room, and you can get help making your character there. Then, make sure you become a member here by clicking "Join this Site" up at the top right. The password is in the chat topic. Once that's done, be sure you look at these as well:

  • Rules and Regulations - You have to follow these rules. The GMs will administer discipline as they see necessary to ensure the well-being of the RP.
  • Game Mechanics - How the game works, and the rules as relate to its operation.
  • Characters - Both a list of all characters and a guide on how to design good characters.
  • The Foundation - The basics of the setting, including the Foundation's organization and the living conditions of the characters.
  • The Forums - A place for discussion that doesn't take place in the real-time, ephemeral land of IRC. Recent Posts collects every post on the site, so you can keep track.

A Note About Canonicity

This RP does not take place within the same canon as any of the 001 Proposals, or any of the canons that pertain to events involving the Foundation before 1983 (except for the canon of Origins, this RPs predecessor). Numerous elements of this RP will contradict your headcanon, but that's not the point. If you have to consider this an alternate-universe version of the Foundation, do so.


We’re aiming for a tense tone, mixed with intrigue and surprise. Things can be good, and things can be bad. Of course, we can have plots with different tones as well, they just aren't going to be the main focus of the story. There can be happy endings, but no happiest endings.


The date in the game is the same as the date out of game, except thirty-five years in the past. For example, events roleplayed on October 31, 2018 would take place on October 31, 1983 in-character. The game runs on US Eastern Time (UTC/GMT -5).


This RP is based on and makes use of the collective works of the SCP Foundation wiki, located at http://scp-wiki.net. But you should already know that.

If you see something of yours used on this site and want it attributed, contact DiePotato and he'll make it happen.

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